Pan Pacific Hotel,Singapore

Hubbis was delighted host our 8th annual event in Singapore for the Independent Wealth Management Community.

The refreshed format we have adopted for our events in 2022 worked particularly well, including as it did head-to-head interviews, presentations, panel discussions.

We are pleased to report that more than 175 colleagues attended the event for the day, including 16 speakers. Together they represented a remarkable cross-section of the Asian independent wealth management industry, which is enjoying both a solid growth trajectory as the accumulation of private wealth continues, and is also facing numerous challenges driven by competition, the struggle to incorporate digital technologies and of course, the ubiquitous drive towards tighter regulation and compliance.

The Forum covered numerous aspects of wealth management today, as well as many vital features required for individuals and businesses to future-proof their careers and their operations in the face of the proliferating challenges ahead. The most fundamental impression from the day was that there are indeed perhaps more opportunities than there are challenges and that those who adapt will not only survive but also reap the rewards in the future.

Below for your interest and reference are links to various content we captured from the day. Please click on the orange headlines – and do send any comments or feedback to [email protected].

Content Highlights

Content summary

Panel Discussions 

Wealth Leaders – positioning for and embracing growth in the post-pandemic world

Panel Members

  • Lucie Hulme, Chief Executive Officer & Partner, TriLake Partners
  • Mandeep Nalwa Chief Executive Officer Asia & Middle East, Taurus Wealth Advisors
  • Olivier Mivelaz CEO & Founder Swiss-Asia Financial Services
  • Andrew Hendry Head of Distribution, Asia Janus Henderson Investors


The Pathway To Inclusive Investment

Panel members

  • Mark Nelligan, Chief Executive Officer, Pershing Singapore, a BNY Mellon company
  • Anthonia Hui, Chief Executive Officer, AL Wealth Partners
  • Cheryl Chong, Co-founder, The Social Co
  • Tuck Meng Yee, Partner, JRT Partners
  • Lucy Gao-Azak, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Wealth Management, Crossinvest (Asia)


Improving The Platform, Custody And Processes

Panel members

  • David Doerig, Chief Operating Officer, Corecam
  • Urs Brutsch, Managing Partner & Founder, HP Wealth Management
  • Rafael Weber, Head of Institutional Clients, Swissquote


What Can You Offer Your Clients That Is Interesting And Different?

Panel members

  • Donald Klip, Co-Founder, Global Mortgage Group
  • Gary Tiernan, CEO – Capital, Golden Equator
  • Philipp Piaz, Partner, Finaport



Presentation - A Deeper Dive: The Pathway to Inclusive Investment
Mark Nelligan, Chief Executive Officer, Pershing Singapore, a BNY Mellon company

View video of presentation
Article - A Deeper Dive: The Pathway to Inclusive Investment: Why Women’s Investment Matters


Presentation - War, Inflation and Biotech
Andrew Hendry, Head of Distribution Asia, Janus Henderson Investors

View video of presentation
Article- Janus Henderson’s Andrew Hendry on Why Healthcare offers such a Compelling Investment Opportunity


Presentation - Is the era of the new platform here
Rafael Weber,
Head of Institutional Clients, Swissquote

View video of presentation
Article - Swissquote’s Rafael Weber on the Arrival of the New Era of the Digital Investment & Custody Platform


Presentation - International Real Estate Financing for High Net Worth Clients
Robert Chadwick, 
CEO, America Mortgages

View video of presentation
Article - The Global Mortgage Group CEO on US and International Real Estate Financing for High-Net-Worth Clients


Presentation - Roadmap to building a Competitive Advantage to grow your business with Digital Assets
David Packham, CEO and Founder, Chintai

View video of presentation
Article - Chintai Founder David Packham on how the Wealth Management Industry Can Expand their Digital Assets Proposition