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David Mitchell

Founder and Managing Partner

IPM Group

David’s career in investment trading & banking started in 1986, working for some of the world’s most renowned banks. His professional roles encompassed Money Market and FX trading, Chief dealer and heading Proprietary Risk management. He left banking in 2006 to open a private family trust and invested his own capital alongside several of his close clients to return over 110% FUM (funds under management) during the turbulent GFC period. In early 2014, David returned to Singapore to set up IPM Group within the investment physical bullion sector. The company has grown quickly on the back of bespoke portfolio advise to his clients within physical precious metals. Their net returns to date have proven their faith in what he has developed. He originally developed the basis for the algorithms on recognizing pricing anomalies in the precious metals markets and realising actively re-balancing the physical metals portfolio was paramount. These anomalies included long-term cycles, pricing ratios, macro-economic conditions, supply demand analyses amongst many other variables. He has published numerous and regular market analyses covering macro-economic conditions, FX markets and of course analyses of the physical precious metals market and where to seek value with a focus on time frames and cycles. Presently David is also the Director of Baird & Co, the largest gold refinery in the UK, responsible for managing their wholesale Asia operations.