Security Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Kerry Harrison

VPN Geeks

Security myths have become the norm, with many people taking lightly the importance of putting backup measures in place to secure their online presence. These beliefs have set several Internet users into a state of jeopardy, especially after they encounter a security breach. With that in mind, we have come up with a compilation of some of the myths people believe today, which may cost them dearly.

“I Only Surf Over A Secure Internet Connection”

There is no such thing as a secure Internet connection because, wherever you are, there are thousands if not millions of hackers who are on the lookout for any vulnerable entry point to manipulate. Simply assuming that your Internet connection is secure, and therefore you are protected, is a disaster waiting to happen.

One Security Programme Is Enough

This is another falsity that belongs in the trash because each security system has its perks and downfalls. Investing in just one option is setting yourself up for failure since a hacker can use a loophole in that security system to their advantage. Instead, you need to have several defences.

My Company Is Not Big Enough To Warrant Any Backup

Anyone who believes this myth usually ends up regretting it the minute they are intruded. The truth of the matter is, hackers want information from any company so they can use it as a ransom to get money from you. They can also take advantage of ignorant individuals and steal their identity, then use this information to their advantage. So if you're going to make money for your benefit, it is essential to invest in an all-around security system to avoid negative surprises. Remember, no company is to big or small when it comes to data breaches.

Anti-Viruses And Malware Protection Are Enough

These two products are essential for basic protection. However, if you want to curb any instances of security breaches permanently, there is a need to incorporate other measures such as training your employees on how to detect malware from suspicious emails sent to them. Additionally, you can invest in other protective measures like VPN's. A virtual private network is software that allows you to connect to the Internet by routing your connection through the server, therefore, hiding your IP address online.

It Is Costly To Secure Yourself

While this may look like the case, most business owners fail to recognise the fact that it will cost them more to repair the damage in the event of a breach. Even so, the price of obtaining security software or an IT specialist to train your employees on steps they should take when it comes to handling such situations is not as much as one would think it to be. Each person should take into consideration the fact that they have various social accounts, emails, and online banking platforms that they use regularly. If anyone were to gain such details and use it to steal one's identity, it would be fatal. The hacker will have the power to seize funds from your account or use your details for defamation or other malicious activities. Recovering from such an incident can take years; therefore, costing you masses of time and money, which you would have otherwise saved if you had invested in Internet security. It is worth pointing out that a lot of businesses have had to close down permanently after a breach.

All My Passwords Are Strong

Every social site or online transaction platform requires their users to use strong passwords to protect themselves from breaches. However, this alone is never enough considering that anyone who has enough knowledge of how to manipulate systems for their benefit can easily bypass this security protocol and access your information. As such, Internet users can and should make use of secondary security measures, especially the two or three-step verification process. This protocol comes in handy when there is a potential breach. The user will be notified by email or text whenever they visit a particular site or banking platform or someone else tries to gain access to it. As such, they can take precautionary actions and curb the attempt on time as compared to using just one security protocol.

Final Words

To secure yourself from insecurity online, you need to be proactive. Take calculated measures and think like a hacker. Better yet, invest in automated technology or software, which will take action immediately if it detects any security breach. In addition to stopping such attempts, the software will find ways to curb future efforts of this kind by learning the patterns used by hackers.

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