Event Presentation - Trends in residence & citizenship planning for Asian individuals

Jacopo Zamboni

Henley & Partners

Speaking at the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum 2016 in Zurich in late October - Jacopo Zamboni of Henley & Partners explains why HNW and UHNW families relocate, and looks at what they need to consider when carrying out residence and citizenship planning.

Jacopo Zamboni
Manager, Client Advisor
Henley & Partners

  • In an uncertain world, wealthy individuals are seeking an insurance policy for themselves, their families and their money
  • Rich people like to have options, whether these relate to where they and their families live, or where they do business to benefit from global opportunities
  • Other countries often offer a better living environment in terms of climate, personal security, healthcare and transport systems, among other factors
  • Many wealthy individuals are also increasingly attracted to the concept of relocating for the sake of their children, perhaps to get access to higher-quality education in places like the UK or US, for example
  • An increasingly popular driver for looking at other ‘safer’ countries is the search for personal security – which can also mean more privacy
  • Relocating might also be an effective (legal) way for someone to reduce tax burdens
  • HNW and UHNW individuals are also looking for citizenship in some countries, to get their passport


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