Full Agenda

Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer
Panel discussion
A rapidly evolving wealth management offering in Malaysia
  • How do the different players – wealth management, insurance and banks compete or complement each other?
  • Asset management companies - growing well, broadening distribution and improving processes?
  • How important is digital today?
  • Offshore / onshore. Where is the long-term opportunity?
  • Who is making a commitment to building an onshore business and why?
  • Is there a hybrid model where international banks can work with onshore banks?
  • What changes are we seeing in client expectations and behaviour?
  • Where will the continued growth come from and what are your priorities?
  • Are more advisory firms adopting a fee-based concept instead of product based selling?
  • How is Malaysia continuing to develop as a centre of excellence for Islamic wealth and asset management?
  • How would the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) affect HNW Malaysian clients having offshore accounts?
  • Where can we find talent?
Pramod Veturi
Managing Director & Head, Wealth Management
Standard Chartered Bank
Lin Wein Khoo
Head of Private Wealth, Malaysia
Edmund Lim
Executive Director - Wealth Management
Swiss-Asia Financial Services
Kimmis Pun
Managing Director, ‎Head of Private Banking
VP Bank
Hasham Esmail Piperdy
Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia
Head - to - Head Q & A
Recent Trends and Developments in Investor Migration
Dominic Volek
Managing Partner, Head Southeast Asia
Henley & Partners
  • Global trends and developments in investor migration
  • What’s driving investor migration for Asian HNWIs?
  • Key considerations for HNWIs in relation to residence and citizenship planning
“Amazon-style” Banking Experience
Yvonne Mok
Director of Sales, Asia Pacific
  • What is the general impression of online banking?
  • What is “Amazon-style” Banking Experience?
  • Amazon tech style vs. Starbucks experience in banking
Panel discussion
TECH / DIGITAL = Faster, cheaper and better wealth management
  • Is building digital distribution important?
  • Will all the bank branches disappear?
  • Build it yourself or PLUG & PLAY?
  • What digital trends are we seeing elsewhere?
  • Which technology solution provider do I choose?
  • What are the consequences of not doing enough or anything?
  • What is the client experience supposed to look like?
Ming Hui Yap
Independent Financial Advisor, Author & Managing Director
Whitman Independent Advisors
Kelvin Lim
Head of Business Development, Asia
Namit Khanna
Sales Director - SEA & India
Dominic Gamble
Head of Asia Pacific
Wealth Dynamix
Refreshment & Networking
Whats the growing relevance of Gold within wealth management in Asia?
Martin Huxley
Head of Precious Metals, Asia
  • Key findings that we discovered in the recent survey we did?
  • What are the risks to avoid?
  • Where is the opportunity for you?
How to use Structured Investment Solutions in a changing market
David Meier
Director, Sales - Structured Solutions
Leonteq Securities
  • A suitable solution for each market conditions
  • Benefit from market volatility
  • A great diversification tool
Emerging Trends in Portfolio Advisory
Alvin Lee
Ex MSCI - Head of Singapore & South East Asia, Client Coverage
  • Systematic approach to discussing market scenarios
  • Handling of structured products
  • Address questions on impact and sustainability of product ideas
Head - to - Head Q & A
Platforms helping put together a successful Wealth Management proposition
Manoj Prajapati
Head of Sales, South Asia
Allfunds Singapore
  • How does the platform work?
  • How do asset managers find value by using a platform like yours?
  • Real headaches you see for client and how can platform solve some of the problems
  • Can you share your experience of how fund distribution has evolved elsewhere? For example in the Middle East
Relationships & How to Build Them
David MacDonald
Head of Learning Solutions
  • Augment your reality 
  • The human advantage
Private Banking into the Future: What’s the latest trend of private banking in Asia?
Kimmis Pun
Managing Director, ‎Head of Private Banking
VP Bank
  • What are the some of the trends we are seeing today in Asian Private Banking?
  • How are the needs of wealthy clients in Asia changing?
  • What are the challenges that the industry faces today?
  • How will the investment offerings change in the next few years?
Successful Wealth Preservation across Generations
Richard Chow
Group General Manager
Pacific Trustees
  • Circumvent pressure and reduce uncertainty for business owners and families
  • Strengthen stakeholder confidence
  • Improve employee morale
  • Prevent significant business interruptions
Room A – Workshop
Creating Operational Efficiency & Scalability across Distribution Network
  • Role of Digitalization
  • Increasing importance of Aggregator and their acceptability in Europe
Manoj Prajapati
Head of Sales, South Asia
Allfunds Singapore
Room B – Workshop
The World’s Leading Residence - and Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes
  • Overview of Immigration programmes
  • The leading Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes in the Caribbean
  • European Citizenship-by-Investment in Malta and Cyprus
  • Attractive European Residence-by-Investment Programme
Chee Mee Ho
Country Head, Malaysia
Henley & Partners
Room A – Workshop
The Opportunities of Advisor-Driven Online Wealth Management Business
  • The threats of internet ventures to wealth management industry
  • Empowering wealth management using internet technology: More affordable, more convenient, more accessible
  • The client experience of advisor-driven online wealth management business
  • The benefits of advisor-driven online wealth management business to the wealth management companies
  • Robo advisor vs. advisor-driven online wealth management
Ming Hui Yap
Independent Financial Advisor, Author & Managing Director
Whitman Independent Advisors
Room B – Workshop
“Amazon-style” Banking Experience in Action
  • How does the “Amazon-style” experience apply to banking?
  • What are the major items for consideration?
  • Seeing the “Amazon-style” experience in action

  • Hand-on experience

Felix Kan
Head of Services APAC
Room A – Workshop
Challenges arising from the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • The new Corporate Offences of Tax Evasion
  • The Statutory Defence of ‘Reasonable Procedures’
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders
Gez Owen
General Counsel and Head of Content
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Investment Opportunities and Challenges – 2H 2018
  • Are Malaysians becoming more international in our investment thinking?
  • How are regional wealth managers changing their investment platform and proposition?
  • What products do you have that you feel would are most valuable to clients in Malaysia today?
  • What are your best and worst predications for 2H 2018?
  • What potential strategies will enable investors get higher returns today while controlling risk?
  • Where do you now turn to drive long-term returns for a portfolio?
  • How do you best access China opportunities?
  • What’s the increasing role of Physical Gold?
  • How will you help clients shift mindset, investing style and portfolio holdings as the market transitions to a more volatile end-of-cycle phase?
  • Active vs Passive
  • Opportunities in structured products 2H 2018?
Shan Saeed
Chief Economist
David Meier
Director, Sales - Structured Solutions
Leonteq Securities
Martin Huxley
Head of Precious Metals, Asia
Carmen Cheung
Head of ETF & Index Team
Samsung Asset Management
Michael Chang
Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income
RHB Asset Management
Valentin Laiseca
Executive Director
Forum End