Powerful Presentation Skills

Our Presentation Skills workshop is highly interactive, bringing together key planning and delivery skills, and giving participants the abilities to deliver structured and relevant presentations. Participants’ presentation styles are developed, ensuring that they make a connection with their audience, create the right impression and achieve their objectives.


The workshop is learning-by-doing. Participants are on their feet presenting within the first 30 minutes of the workshop; four more presentations follow.


All presentations are videotaped and followed by interactive feedback sessions to ensure that the participants become aware of their strengths and areas for improvement.



Our workshop includes the following key learning:


  • Creating presentations that are well structured and organised.

  • Delivering presentations that address the needs and goals of your audience.

  • How to boost personal confidence when presenting.

  • Using eye-contact, voice, and gestures to connect with your audience.

  • Ensuring that your PowerPoint and other media supports and enhances your key presentation messages.

  • Understanding the impact of some of the classic presentation mistakes,