Effective Performance Coaching

We strongly believe that the fulcrum around which many things turn in any sales organisation is the Sales Manager. This individual has the responsibility to lead, motivate, manage, and coach his or her team to greater individual, and collective success.



All too often however, the potential power of effective coaching is lost in the day-to-day hubbub of modern-day business. Or it is disguised in the form of another, less effective, management style, which many misguidedly think is coaching!


Our workshop includes the following key learning:


  • What is coaching … and, as importantly, what it is not.

  • Understanding when to lead, when to manage, when to be the expert, and when to coach.

  • Understanding who to coach, and who not to coach

  • If not coaching, then what other forms of management can be successfully applied?

  • The benefits of coaching, from the perspectives of the coach and of the coachee.

  • Following an effective process of impactful coaching: the power of the ‘GROW’ structure in any coaching intervention

  • Understanding the key skills of a great coach.

  • Being able to give, and receive, constructive feedback.