Full Agenda

Arrival and refreshments
Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer
Keynote Presentation
How can we build capacity and capability in wealth management in India?
Sandip Ghose
National Institute Of Securities Markets
  • How do we fill the “white space”?
  • Enhancing competency standards
  • Creating the right mind-set for future generations
Panel discussion
How can we take the wealth management industry forward in India?
  • What’s the future of Private Banking / Wealth Management in India? What will clients want from us in the future?
  • What do we need to do to move faster? 
  • Is there a lack of transparency in fees in Indian wealth management? 
  • How can you get clients to place greater value on the advice you give them?
  • How do we shift the mind-set and educate bankers to actually think about putting the client’s needs first? Should incentives and compensation change?
  • How should we differentiate ourselves? 
  • How do we drive and manage talent acquisition?
  • Where will wealth come from in the next 10 years – and how can we get prepared for it?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel members

Rajesh Iyer
Head - Investment Advisory Services and Family Office
Kotak Mahindra Bank

Himanshu Kohli
Founder Partner
Client Associates

Vishal Dhawan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors

Shuja Siddiqui
Head of Products and Investment Research
L&T Finance

Rohit Bhuta
Chief Executive Officer

Building a future-proof wealth management offering
Evrard Bordier
Managing Partner
Bordier & Cie
  • The relevance of private banking today in Asia
  • The wave of consolidation: will we see more?
  • The challenges in building a successful and relevant offering
  • How to get your positioning right
Building a winning team in wealth management
Anshu Kapoor
Head - Private Wealth Management
Edelweiss Global Wealth Management
  • Culture is everything
  • Entrepreneurial expression
  • Building an A-Rater team
  • Personal growth
YOUR data your identity - analytics driving the digital client
Sandeep Lalwani
Senior Director, Global Sales and Key Accounts
Miles Software Solutions
  • Data – the new oil and asset class 
  • BIG Data – 3Vs (volume, variety and velocity)
  • Cognitive and robotics on the data-rich digital client experience
Market trends
Karan Bhagat
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
IIFL Private Wealth Management
Refreshment & Networking
Why does it still make sense for mutual funds to be the core of an investment advice?
Kailash Kulkarni
Chief Executive Officer
L&T Mutual Fund
  • Choice of strategies in both equity and fixed income space along with high liquidity
  • Alpha generation opportunities in listed space will continue to exist for active MFs given the large universe of stocks and improving depth of the market. Reforms such as GST could also lead to expansion of the listed universe
  • MFs will continue to be a product with relatively higher stability given the regulatory restrictions, stringent investment norms, and diverse and stable investor base
  • India is very different from developed markets
Driving growth through wealth management
Abhra Roy
Head, Finacle Wealth Management Solution
Infosys Finacle
  • Strengthening profitability and customer stickiness through client-centric wealth management offerings
  • Learning how a unified front-to-back office platform by Finacle can help elevate a wealth management business
Gearing up for the opportunities and challenges in Indian wealth management
Shiv Gupta
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Sanctum Wealth Management
  • Several cross-currents in international and domestic wealth management are affecting the shape of the industry
  • Growth and structural changes in the economy provide huge opportunities domestically, albeit amidst uncertainties and challenges
  • Imperative to build capacity, employ new tools and raise standards to accelerate development and fully capture opportunities
Becoming a true client adviser

ASK Wealth Advisors

  • Ethics while managing client portfolios
  • Verifying investment suitability
  • Why proper advice is not just about managing relationships – even if your views are contrary to those of your clients
New vehicles for Singapore funds
Sunil Iyer
Iyer Practice Advisers
  • Existing fund vehicles in Singapore and their limitations
  • New proposed vehicle and its benefits
Trends in succession planning
Tariq Aboobaker
Managing Director, Director - Estate Planning
Amicorp Group
  • Market trends
  • Impact on advising clients
Panel discussion
Wealthy business families in India – how do we meet their needs?
  • How does CRS and information exchange create challenges or opportunities for you?
  • Is this driving clients to get advice for the first time?
  • What is the current level of knowledge and activity around preserving and protecting wealth?
  • How should clients think about succession planning? What solutions do they use?
  • How can we drive more effective and specific conversations about insurance and other products or structures for inter-generational wealth transfer?
  • The next generation – how do we meet their needs?
  • Who are the right professionals and advisers for families to engage? And how should they choose between them?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel members

Arpita Vinay
Executive Director
Centrum Wealth Management

Gautami Gavankar
Principal Advisor, Estate Planning
Kotak Mahindra Trusteeship Services

Munish Randev
Chief Investment Officer
Waterfield Advisors

Umang Papneja
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
IIFL Investment Managers

Tarun Birani
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
TBNG Capital Advisors

Shanker Iyer
The Iyer Practice

Building trust – ‘ethics’ at the core of wealth management
Atinkumar Saha
Managing Director & Head - Wealth Management Coverage, India
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
  • We are united by our mission to make a successful career in the ‘wealth’ space
  • With strong macro tailwinds, and a stable government with a promise of transformational reforms, India’s expected trajectory of growth over the next decade or more is bound to translate into enormous wealth creation. India, and we, in the wealth space, are poised for greater opportunities
  • To harness these opportunities and build our careers, we need to balance business interests with client interest in the most trustworthy manner 
  • The core of this business is the client-adviser relationship – which is built on ‘trust’. A trust deficit can mar all the opportunities that a growing wealth industry provides. Ours is a  fiduciary responsibility that requires us to put the clients’ interests first
  • Thus, ethical practices of participants in the industry is one of the most critical factors for a sustainable, enriching wealth industry – central to our career growth too
Panel discussion
Are we really ripe for disruption?
  • What’s the role of digital today in wealth management in India?
  • What impact will technology really have on the industry – now and in the future? 
  • How far do platforms and propositions need to evolve and digitise?
  • What systems, solutions and other tools are making a difference in the client experience? 
  • Do we have adequate tools to engage customers?
  • Why are customers flocking to large robo-advisers in the West? What will drive adoption of robo-advisers in India?
  • Can robo-advisers, fintechs and AI transform the industry?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel members

Satheesh Krishnamurthy
Senior Vice President, & Business Head - Affluent & NRI
Axis Bank

Kanwar Vivek
Senior President - Head Wealth Management & YES First Branch Banking
YES Bank

Anupam Guha
Head, Private Wealth Management
ICICI Securities

Bhavesh Sanghvi
Executive Vice President & Head Wealth Management
Aditya Birla Finance

Kunal Bajaj
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

The technology wake-up call for the buy-side: top 3 priorities for optimal performance
Erdem Ozgul
Managing Director, South Asia
  • Increasing market complexity and other challenges are putting pressure on the buy-side to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency and improve functionality – from the front to the back office
  • As a result, the technology needs of today stretch across software, hardware and infrastructure
Accessing the multi-family office opportunity
Mandeep Nalwa
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Taurus Wealth Advisors
  • What is a multi-family office?
  • Why did you set up your firm? 
  • How has that model evolved in Asia? 
  • What is the potential opportunity for firms to collaborate with you?
Taking Asia’s independent community to the next level
Rohit Bhuta
Chief Executive Officer
  • What’s the opportunity for independent/external asset management firms in Asia?
  • How to drive growth and greater industry collaboration
Refreshment & Networking
Creating growth via new investment opportunities
Radhika Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
Edelweiss Asset Management
  • As per the current state of Indian economy – the country’s asset management industry is predominantly traditional equity, fixed income and liquid assets, with expectations of capital appreciation, dividends and interest earnings.
  • What are the new growth opportunities in India vis-à-vis a global scenario – especially given the growing UHNI/HNI wealth?
Evaluation of risk management in equity allocation
Rajesh Kothari
AlfAccurate Advisors
  • Evaluation of risk is as important as returns when investing in the equity asset class
  • How to measure risk in equity products?
  • Analysis beyond ratios
The demise of alpha in large-cap mutual funds in India
Saurabh Mukherjea
Chief Executive Officer
Ambit Capital
  • Low level of consistency in the performance of large-cap equity mutual funds
  • Sharp reduction in alpha generated by large-cap equity mutual funds
Panel discussion
How do we develop the advisory proposition and the quality of the client engagement?
  • How can you deliver a relevant, advisory-led, outcome-based approach for your clients?
  • How are SEBI’s investment adviser regulations impacting the market?
  • What's the way forward for how product manufacturers and fund selectors should partner with each other going forward?
  • What can be done to facilitate mutual fund distribution in a more meaningful way?
  • How do we ensure we provide more relevant and targeted product and investment offerings to our clients?
  • How do we now expand the asset management business?
  • How do we improve financial literacy – even for clients with a high level of investable assets? What do we stand to gain from doing this?
  • How will investors generate performance in 2017?
  • What are the biggest risks for 2017?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel members

Sirshendu Basu
Head - Managed Investments and Product Management
Standard Chartered Bank

Gaurav Arora
Chief Investment Officer
ASK Wealth Advisors

Nipun Mehta
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
BlueOcean Capital Advisors

Ashish Shanker
Head - Private Wealth Investment Advisory
Motilal Oswal Wealth Management

Guneet Singh
Senior Director & Head of Sales - Private Banking and Wealth Management

Tushar Pradhan
Chief Investment Officer, India
HSBC Global Asset Management

Pranab Unyal
Head of Products and Advisory Desk
Ambit Private Wealth

Forum End


Evolving technology in the indian wealth industry
Jagdish Joshi
Principal Consultant
Infosys Finacle
  • New offerings and changing attitudes in terms of technology of NBFCs and banks offering wealth management
  • Demo of Finacle Wealth Offering – How Finacle Wealth Management can help banks and NBFCs strategise wealth management of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies
  • Q&A
Digital disruption in wealth management
Sriram Narayan
Director - Business Solutions
KG Financial Software
Dhanabalan Ramasubramanian
Project Leader
KG Financial Software
Rajkumar R V
Project Manager
KG Financial Software
  • Three remarkable digital trends - analytics for incumbent, robotics for operations, and digital products for RMs
  • How analytics help the business to aggregate and analyse the data for empirical insights. 
  • Q&A
The era of new wealth management in the digital age

Nishant Sharma
Head - Sales, India
Miles Software Solutions

  • Showcasing the latest wealth application - MoneyWare 15.3