Specific topics to be discussed and debated in the agenda include – 

Morning – 

This segment - from 9am to 1pm - covers what the growth in Asian wealth management means to you, and how you can capitalise on the increasing activity and offshoring of this wealth, especially from China. For example - 

•    What’s happening in wealth management / private banking in Asia?
•    Following a wave of consolidation – what is the landscape for international private banking? How are local banks competing in the HNW space?
•    How do international players build scalable and sustainable businesses in Asia?
•    How is the balance between offshore and onshore wealth developing?
•    How is the independent model developing in Hong Kong, Singapore – and elsewhere? Will it ever gain any real traction?
•    What’s the potential to partner with local players – if any? Should you set up on your own?
•    How might the wealth management landscape develop over the next 5 to 10 years?
•    Is the opportunity as large as we all think? How do we maximise its potential?
•    How do you access and advise wealthy families from Asia?
•    The biggest opportunity in our lifetime is the vast amount of wealth being ‘offshored’ from China – how can you make the most of this?
•    What infrastructure, platforms, models, products and approaches work best in Asia? How can you build these?
•    On-boarding Asian clients – what are the issues you will face? What should you be aware of?
•    In the face of changing regulations and the impact on the types of structures that are now relevant – what’s the best advice and which solutions make most sense for Asian clients?
•    How can European-based wealth managers be better prepared, with more relevant offerings, to service Asian clients – either in their home markets, or when Asian clients venture to Europe?
•    What are the regulatory and compliance issues you need to understand?

Afternoon –

This segment - from 2pm to 5pm - focuses on where, and how, to invest in Asia. For example -

•    How should you assess the different markets, products and assets in Asia?
•    What role should Asia now playing in investment portfolios?
•    What’s the difference between Asian fixed income and other emerging markets? 
•    How can European investors add more weight in Asian fixed income or equities – and how can they add this? 
•    How do we access opportunities in local markets – especially India and China?
•    Following the dramatic spike in markets in India, and many wealth and asset managers doubling AUM over the past year – where are the new opportunities to make money from India?
•    Fixed income and credit – where should you be looking to generate more yield for your clients?
•    Where should we be looking in private debt and other interesting alternative assets?
•    Does liquidity matter to Asian clients? 
•    How do you create a proposition that will help Asia’s HNW and UHNW clients address concerns and meet both their business and personal investment objectives?
•    How do you need to refresh or reinvent your investment platform to make it relevant to Asian clients?
•    What do people NOT tell you about investing in Asia? How can you save time and effort by helping clients to avoid making the wrong decisions?
•    What’s the best advice you can give your clients around investing in Asia? Should they invest more in the region?