Uncovering the value proposition of the BVI

Elise Donovan

BVI House Asia

The BVI is in a unique position to help investors deal with uncertainty in global markets. In a video interview with Hubbis, Elise Donovan of BVI House Asia explains the role it plays as an international financial centre and explains how it supports businesses, especially those exploring new markets in Asia.

International financial centres such as the BVI help investors find security in the age of uncertainty.

According to Elise Donovan, director at BVI House Asia, the BVI offers advantages such as jurisdictional neutrality, tax neutrality, administrative convenience, and regulatory specialisation. However, the most significant advantage that the jurisdiction offers is the ability to mitigate country, legal, and commercial risks.

The BVI differentiates itself from other international financial centres by ensuring it provides the best services and solutions, in a manner which is cost effective and commercially viable.

For investors evaluating investments in Asia, the BVI is especially attractive because of its strong ties with the region. It mediates USD 608 billion in China and Hong Kong and creates 874,000 jobs in the two countries. Further, it provides USD 2.1 billion in revenues for the governments in the region.

A recent report by Capital Economics, a London based think tank, revealed that the BVI is a net contributor to governments across the world, provides them with USD 1.5 trillion in tax revenues, and supports 2.2 million jobs.

In the current business environment, one of the most important investments that the BVI can add value to is the Belt and Roads Initiative. Being a specialist in cross-border trade and investment services, Elise believes that the BVI would be the perfect partner to businesses looking to tap into the different opportunities arising from this initiative – providing a neutral jurisdiction that breeds confidence and removes barriers between collaborating entities in different regions.

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