Creating the right tool kit for success

Harmen Overdijk

The Capital Company

In a video interview, Harmen Overdijk, founder and managing director of Capital Company, explains his company’s philosophy and outlines the evidence he feels puts his company to the forefront of advisory models

Dutchman Harmen Overdijk founded Hong Kong’s Capital Company believing that “evidence-based investing” is the best method to produce results and long-term stability for clients. “We firmly believe that our core philosophy is adding value to clients in the long term,” Overdijk said in a video interview with Hubbis. “We are strategic and focus on what we can control, not guessing what will happen in the future. “We have a process where we focus on dimensions of return that are proven to add value or a premium to a portfolio of long-term value stocks, mid- and small cap and high-quality profitability companies in the long term,” Overdijk added. 

“Every decision we make is also tested against the systems that we have in place to tell how it will impact the portfolio on the small cap grid. Our whole ethos is built around this.” 

Overdijk sees the wealth management industry changing along with the tools available to relationship managers. “We believe we have the right tool kit to offer the industry, not only the right investment tools but also investment planning models and insurance, offered as one package, including tax advice. This is the complete financial planning that we offer. I think a lot of RM can very successful if they have this tool kit.” Looking to the future, Overdijk, naturally wants to grow this model. “Growing our business and advocating the concept of evidence-based investing to a larger client base is our priority,” he said. “We want to grow business by attracting business managers and business development people to join us.

“We are also looking at international expansion, looking at other markets where our concept can be successful and where there is a need to for middle class families to receive proper financial planning advice and proper strategic portfolio advice.” 

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