Reinventing Training and Professional Development in Wealth Management

Mark Wightman of EY

May 17, 2023

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  • How is the training and professional development framework in Singapore evolving?
  • How can we improve training and make is more relevant and impactful?
  • How can we use training to attract and retain the right talent? And differentiate the firm and create a better client experience?
  • Should there be a professional framework / requirement for independent wealth managers like MFOs and EAMs?
  • What are the key topics and areas of focus for 2023 and beyond?
  • How can training be most effective for onboarding, transition and career development?
  • Making it stick – from learning to implementation. Strategies for success.
  • How does HR and Compliance fit into this equation?
  • How do you decide whether training has been a successful outcome - for the organisation, the RM and the client?
  • Do we need to focus more on education for clients?


Mark Wightman

Asia-Pacific Wealth & Asset Management Consulting Leader

Panel Members

Arjan de Boer

Head of Markets, Investments & Structuring, Asia
Indosuez Wealth Management

David MacDonald
Head of Business Development - Singapore
Sovereign Group

Chiara Bartoletti
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Stanhope

Bassam Salem
Senior Advisor

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