Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Simon Wong

Simon Wong

Sales Head, Greater China Region

ERI Banking

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  • 1. Are banks going in the right direction in their digital journey?

    The bank is not going in any direction. They're trying everything and anything under the sun and that's the issue. The problem is you don't want to just try something for the sake of trying it. Just because somebody has a mobile app, doesn't mean that you need to have one. I think before they need to try anything, they need to find their place. they need to know why they're doing it. They need to double down on their strengths. Once they have discovered this is the customer segment that I want to serve, this is how I want to serve them, then work your way backward to find a strategy to fit that and that will be the right direction. So, just trying things out because it's cool, is never the right direction.