Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Robert B. Ramos

Dr. Robert Ramos

Senior Vice President, Trust Officer and Chief Investment Officer

EastWest Bank

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  • 1. In the Philippines - how are you thinking about fund selection and portfolio construction?

    We think it's very important. It's going to be always client-driven, so you select based on, of course, performance and objectives, and you look at what the client wants. So, it's based on those things. I mean, you don't look at a portfolio, or you don't look at a fund if you don't think that the theme or the ideology applies to potential investors, so that is the first cut. The second cut is performance. Has it been doing well? Is it something that would entice investors? And last, but not least, governance: is it governed properly? Who is the governing institution?