Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Michael Ferrer

Michael Ferrer

Managing Director

ATR Asset Management

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  • 1. Is the role of digital growing in importance within wealth and asset management in the Philippines?

    It's still very early days for digital in the wealth management space, actually early in the wealth management space here in the Philippines. A lot of the digital efforts are today on the back end, operational efficiencies, execution dealing. I don't think there's been much in the way of client facing innovation, even on the Robo Advisory front at this stage in the game. Again, a lot of opportunity for banks to, and even non-banks, FinTech players to actually introduce a digital offering for wealth management. There are a few regulatory hurdles here and there but I think by and large, it's really a question of companies or banks and the player's willingness to invest in innovative wealth management solutions, including tying up with various digital platforms out there.