Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Karen Liza M. Roa

Karen Liza M. Roa


First Metro Asset Management

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  • 1. In the Philippines - what are the main investment themes and the products that resonate with clients today?

    Clients are becoming more and more fee conscious and return conscious. On the one hand, it is relationship, but you need to be able to support that with products that are providing value. When we talk about value, it's looking at the expenses and, at the same time, it's looking at the returns. We're looking at what kinds of products and themes will be able to address that perspective and that awareness. It's becoming a lot harder. That's why in the more developed markets, you're looking at more transparency in terms of fee structure. That's something that's going to start moving around in this market. Slowly, also there are thematics. We have a consumer fund and that's gaining more and more traction. I think that's also something that we'll start to increase as we progress.