Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Edison Tsai

Edison Tsai

Partner & Executive Director

SeedIn Technology

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  • 1. Who is SeedIn Technology?

    SeedIn is a crowdfunding platform that allows SMEs to get access to working capital through our crowdfunding from our network of investors. We have three types of investors. We have the retail investors, the high net worth, and the institutional investors who are helping these businesses across six countries to get access to financing capital. There are four types of crowdfunding. There is the equity financing, there is the reward-based crowdfunding, there is the charitable-based crowdfunding, and then there is the crowd lending. So SeedIn falls into the crowd lending financing type, where we help, like Kickstarter, but instead of product or reward-based, it is a debt-based crowdfunding platform.