Panel Discussion - Residency & Citizenship – Tracking Key Trends for Asia’s Wealthy

Nirbhay Handa of Henley & Partners

Jun 13, 2022

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Residency & Citizenship – Tracking Key Trends for Asia’s Wealthy

  • How are clients changing their thinking about where they live and their mobility post-covid?
  • How and where does investment migration align with estate and legacy planning? What are the holistic solutions for migration and citizenship? Who looks after your issues when you have moved?
  • What are the key global mobility and investment migration trends have emerged in the past year or two since the pandemic struck?
  • Where is the demand emanating from these days, and how does that compare with historical trends?
  • Is Asia a source of outward activity, or inward activity, or both? Why?
  • Within Asia Pacific, which countries are the source of the greatest and growing client demand, and why?
  • Scanning the globe, where are the most interesting or compelling opportunities today, and why?
  • How does the wealth management industry work with the investment migration industry, and what are the commercial or other advantages of doing so?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel Members

Nirbhay Handa
Group Head of Business Development
Henley & Partners

Edmund Leow
Senior Partner

Hrishikesh Unni
Managing Director, Client Investments Head of Best Practices Program
Taurus Wealth Advisors

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