Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Testimonials - Vinod Krishnan

Vinod Krishnan of Arch Corporation

Jan 31, 2020

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

All good. I think on one side you have the service providers whom you target, but then if you could include some of the larger client base, I know there are the family office conferences that are happening. So one of the initiatives I do, I run a not-forprofit family alliance, and the whole point is for me to encourage families to think of this hard and the soft side of family business or family wealth management. Increasingly a number of families are looking at, especially the next gen, are looking at ways to establish family offices, but the problem is establishing a singlefamily office is very expensive. And there’s also a trust element and your cooperation element in a family sharing information about themselves amongst the larger groups, so multi-family office becomes a problem. In order to get those barriers broken is when I’ve started this not-for-profit family alliance where we are able to get together these families, speak to them about the various parts of the soft and the hard sides of wealth management, encouraged by some of the banks, like JPMorgan, they help me by allowing some of their key professional investment advisors to address these family alliance whenever the time tables coincide. So that’s been a big help. But then I think that’s the only way to improve participation from the investors or the family offices into events like this. So I think that’s something which I’d been wanting to tell you since the year before, but I know it’s more focused on service providers.



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