Is there an increasing interest in ESG? - Arjan de Boer

Arjan de Boer, Deputy Chief Executive, Head of MIS, Asia Market, Investments & Structuringn at Indosuez Wealth Management discussed whether there is an increasing interest in ESG.

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1. Is there an increasing interest in ESG?

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1. Is there an increasing interest in ESG?

Absolutely. We did a poll amongst our clients three years ago, about whether or not they found ESG important when it comes to making investment decisions. I think it was less than 40%, at the time, that took ESG into account. Two weeks ago, we did the same poll, and it was over two thirds of our clients that found this quite important. You also have to realise ESG is no longer a hobby. It's really becoming mainstream. In the past, I think clients were afraid to lose out when investing in stock or securities with high ESG credential, and now it's the other way around. They fear they lose out if they do not invest in securities like that.

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