Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Kailash Kulkarni

Kailash Kulkarni

Chief Executive – Investment Management

L&T Mutual Fund

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  • 1. Does anyone take learning and competency seriously in India?

    Learning and competency is something which we, earlier, had not paid too much attention to in India. However, given the changing times, the availability of information which clients have, on the internet or through other competitors, it's now becoming all the more important to take learning and development very seriously, not just in the product that you sell, but also in the macro environment. So, you need to know about much more when you're dealing with customers and clients. Whereas, clients are getting educated at a much faster pace than what they were before. So, yes, it needs to be taken far more seriously than (it has been) taken it in the past.