Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Anupam Guha

Anupam Guha

Head of Private Wealth Management & Equity Advisory Group

ICICI Securities

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  • 1. What do you need from your investment platform? How is that changing?

    So, from a platform perspective, I think, when I talk about platform, it's about how do we communicate and ensure seamless execution (is) offered (or) propositioned to our clients, right? So, when I'm talking about platform, it's just not about an execution platform, it's also about the oral proposition. What can we add to the proposition? How do we connect with the customers? So, in that, if I were to break it down, the first step would be do we really understand our clients? So, is the platform robust enough or intelligent enough to really understand the customers from their risk profile, from their goals that they are seeking, from the liquidity requirement, and from their objectives on investment? So that is one part of it. Once you have that, then, essentially, it's all about asset allocation. Within that asset allocation, how are we recommending the customer's funds that we think will outperform, and meet the objectives of our clients, depending on their risk return parameters?