Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Anand Moorthy

Anand Moorthy

Founder & CEO


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  • 1. What does the word ‘platform’ mean to you?

    Platform means anything which can aggregate all your asset class together. We believe that PropsAMC has a real estate engine and a monitoring platform. This particular asset class contributes about 80% of the total wealth of any individual, and we believe a platform is required to aggregate all these client assets in one place, and trying to make sense as to whether this particular investment as a class is good enough for you to hold for a longer period of time, and, if you do, what is its performing parameters? How do you monitor that? How do you manage it? And how well can you market it? If you can, then I think a platform's real meaning can come together to give you a solution which you always look for.