Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Anand Moorthy - 2

Anand Moorthy

Founder & CEO


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  • 1. What does your firm do?

    PropsAMC is a real estate insight and asset monitoring platform. Our core focus is real estate monitoring. We believe that 80% of (the) wealth of Indians (is in) real estate as (part of) their overall net worth, and they would like to manage it on an integrated platform, an intuitive platform. The first step is actually to digitise these assets; look at what documents you have, actually provide you advisory (on) what is the valuation on those assets, or whether it is marketable or liquid enough, and then look at creating a marketplace for all owned assets to be much more liquid. I think we are one of the first ones in the country to have digitised a lot of data on valuation, government rates, land use, on one single integrated platform. And we believe that both put together, data as well as management put together, can make your real estate much more liquid than what it is today.