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1. Who is Onchain Custodian?

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1. Who is Onchain Custodian?

Onchain Custodian is a digital asset custody service based out of Singapore. We were born about a year and a half ago. We now have about 10 people in the operations and management team, the business development team, and a technical technological team in Shanghai, helping us with the solution. We recently won an award at the Singapore FinTech festival. Actually the top one award, which is quite nice because it's the first time a regulator is giving an award to a crypto-company that demonstrates that this is something that the future will see happening. So how do we help our customers? We help customers safe keep their digital assets, being cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, or securities tokens, for example, and we help them have access to what we call 'The De-centralised Finance of Crypto-lending, Staking, OTC Brokers, and Wealth Management'.

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