Cult Wines - making the most of the growing opportunity in Asia

Sam Mudie

General Manager, Singapore

Cult Wines

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  • 1. What does Cult Wines do?

    Cult Wines is a UK headquartered fine wine investment firm. We're not a wine merchant. We're not a wine fund. We are operating somewhere in between. Which means we're providing end-to-end service for those looking to access wine as an alternative asset class. We fall into the passion asset class field, which includes classic cars and fine arts as our main competitors. What we can offer is a lower entry point, improved equity, and better price transparency, as well as seriously impressive growth rates over the short, medium, and long term.

  • 2. What's the opportunity that Asia represents to you?

    We first set up in Hong Kong three years ago with the aim that that office would be able to look after our Asian client base and business development. Realistically that was naïve, after six months we realized the mainland China market was large enough that it would be catered for by Hong Kong alone. Having a base in south east Asia became a necessity, and Singapore is the obvious choice for that. Three years later we set up in Singapore, and we are now looking after the South East Asian nations. Not just Singapore for us here, we also aim to be target Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and further afield as well.

  • 3. What are the type of clients that you engage and why?

    Wine is a surprisingly accessible investment. We're not actually just looking for the obvious ultra-high net worth, high net worth, we're also interested in targeting lower end retail customers at a 25-thousand-dollar minimum investment level. It's something which maybe more people can be involved with then they expect. What we want to do is just provide a bit of attractive, and sensible diversification to the more traditional markets. Without being greedy we're looking to target everyone.

  • 4. What are some of your key priorities for the year ahead?

    Now we've been in Singapore for six months, it's about cementing the early relationships that we've founded. Growing our client base and growing the team as well, we started off with four but we aim to build the office to double the size by the end of this year which gives us the capabilities to cater for the other local markets, which we also see as incredibly important areas for us to pay our dues to.