Asian Wealth Management Forum 2019 SG - Exclusive Insights - Joanne Siu

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1. Is a multi-asset strategy still a good bet?

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1. Is a multi-asset strategy still a good bet?

Our view is every investors should have a multi-asset portfolio allocation. For example, with the five into five, two, two, one scheme. That means that for 50% you should invest into corporate bonds. For example, to have some yield income. And then the remaining 50, we just cut it into 20%, and another 20%, and the remaining 10%. For 20% we can put into corporate ETFs, as well. For example, in the U.S. there are corporate ETFs listed that will give you sufficient or potential yield. And then for the remaining 20% you could put into commodity ETFs. For example, gold or oil ETFs. The reason behind this is for those commodity prices, they don't always go in the way the equity market does. The timing and percentage of allocation for commodities is very important, so allocate maybe 20% of your portfolio into that. And with the remaining 10%, you can place it into some leveraged or inverse product to capture the market upside or down.

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