Company overview:

SILEX is an independent investment group founded in 2016 by Xavier Laborde and Fabrice Rey.

We bring together 3 main areas of expertise: asset management (USD 800mios), investment solutions (USD 4bns new issuances in 2021) and technology. We support wealth managers every step of the way: asset allocation, portfolio construction, risk management and a host of tailor-made investment solutions.

Through our Spark platform, clients radically simplify their portfolio monitoring, reporting and lifecycle management. They also get all of our research publications and most topical trade ideas.

SILEX has 100+ employees with offices in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, Paris and Monaco.

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Digital & Technology

SILEX - When Technology helps you Build Better Portfolios Roughly five years after inception, Swiss tech-driven investment firm SILEX has built a business spanning Europe and Latin America and has recently been making a push into Asia. SILEX offers intuitive solutions that help its now roughly 400...

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The Ocean Economy in 2030: Blue Growth Potential as far as the Eye can See Between now and 2030, the Ocean Economy will undergo profound transformations due to new environmental challenges. The wave of technological innovations affecting these industries should enable the Ocean Economy to outperform the global eco...

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