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Company overview:

Salus is a boutique life insurance broker providing a market-leading service to high net worth and ultra high net worth clients. We are experts in placing high value and complex risks both domestically and internationally.

Care and diligence is at the core of what we do. By understanding our clients’ unique needs, we tailor products perfectly, cutting through the vast complexity of high value life insurance. We work seamlessly with our clients’ existing UK and international advisers, to provide a truly global service.

Our clients include business owners and private individuals. We enable them to more effectively manage risk and optimise their portfolio.

What we do:

  • Life insurance premiums vary substantially between individuals based on age, health and lifestyle. Even small variations result in huge cost differences over the lifetime of the contract; especially for high sums at risk. It pays to compare true end pricing between insurers.
  • At Salus, we take a different approach to the established UK market. We manage all relevant medical and lifestyle data ourselves. With our partner insurers’ formal approval, followed by our in-house underwriter’s skill and efforts, we negotiate on our mutual client's behalf. Consequently, we dramatically simplify the process, and work to getting the best possible price in the market.
  • For our clients we focus on speed, efficiency and price. Our clients typically require as little interaction as possible but the best result.

Who we work with:

  • Our experience is global. While we are a UK and FCA regulated business, we have a leaning towards International, and / or complex or high value clients.
  • At SALUS our clients arrive mostly via referrals from our professional connections.

What clients do we look for from our Asia based Introducer clients?

  • International clients who are exposed to UK IHT via UK Property or Corporate / Share ownership. These can be Asia / Internationally resident or UK resident (but with Asia based advisers). We are UK regulated we have access to the UK Insurance market. Consequently we can offer £ sterling cover for what is a £ sterling need. Also the UK Market is extremely mature and competitive. The products are guaranteed, simple and extremely easy to understand.
  • International clients requiring very high levels of Life cover: either for local death duties or to create a pool of liquid funds available to their families upon death.

Products & services:

  • • Insurance

Key contacts

Steve Lawless

Founding Partner