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Company overview:

Founded in 1990, Profile Software, an ISO-certified and listed company, is a specialised financial solutions provider, with offices in Geneva, Dubai, London, Singapore, Athens and Nicosia.

It delivers market-proven solutions, with an exceptional track record of successful implementations, to the Banking and Investment Management industries.

Profile Software is recognised as an established and trusted partner in a number of regions, offering a wide spectrum of solutions to the financial services sector.

The company’s solutions have been approved and awarded by international research companies due to their flexibility and functionality. They enable Financial Institutions worldwide to align their business and IT strategies while providing the necessary business agility to proactively respond to the ever-changing market conditions.

Its leading product range includes:

• IMSplus the award-winning investment management platform that comprehensively and modularly cover the areas of Wealth Management, Asset and Fund Management, and Insurance Investment Management

• Axia the web-based omni-channel solution for wealth management and family office offering a rich set of functionality and various deployment options. It incorporates a client onboarding solution to meet industry needs for agile operations.

• a comprehensive banking platform effectively covering Core and Islamic Banking requirements, as well as P2P Lending with a successful track record

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