Introduction to Phatra Wealth Management

Phatra is the pioneer of Thailand’s onshore private wealth management service since 1999, with advisory capabilities in all asset classes. We recognized Thailand’s growth in this market segment along with the global trend in managing assets for wealthy individuals. Our commitment to provide the best services to our HNW clients has been our key principles in conducting our private wealth business. We understand that global financial markets are connected, and Thailand is no exception. Therefore, we provide access to international information and global financial markets to ensure that our clients can make the best possible investment decisions. We have pioneered the partnership with reputable international banks since 1992 in order to bring a global service to our Thai clients. This global platform has been our key principles towards serving our clients.

As a full-service firm, we create value for HNW clients by drawing on the insights and resources across our investment banking franchise, allowing our clients to receive unbiased-investment advice across multiple asset classes – ranging from fixed-income to equities and from domestic to foreign investments. We understand that each client has a unique investment goal and it is essential that we consider all aspects of a client’s financial circumstances to provide customized wealth management solutions.

As the pioneer in Thailand’s private wealth business, we have built a private wealth platform that allows us to truly service Thailand’s HNW clients. Our platform is an “open-architecture” platform that allows us to offer a wide range of financial products while complying with Thailand’s continuous changing regulations.



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