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Company overview:

Lyra Capital Pte Ltd is a privately-owned wealth management company incorporated in 2007 in Singapore and regulated by the same state. The company’s founder is Mr. Charles Monney. Lyra Capital develops a deep understanding of its clients’ needs to provide personalised “Wealth Management Solutions”.

Our common efforts yield solid results for both you and our company – your interests are our interests – in an environment built around the following key values:

  • PRIVACY & TRUST. Trust is the cornerstone of all our activities. We work hard to provide superior financial and legal services with the utmost discretion. Protecting your privacy is one of our primary concerns.
  • INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT. Our investment strategies focus on achieving long-term financial success by nurturing a culture in which there is respect and value for client’s needs. By offering highly personalised services, we take care of your wealth with focus and precision.
  • PERFORMANCE. Our services are based on a performance-driven model; our company is compensated when it achieves a positive performance in line with initially set financial objectives. In this way, you ensure the complete alignment of our services with your goals.
  • INDEPENDENCE. “Independence commands respect”. At Lyra Capital, relationships with clients are based on mutual understanding and respect. Our ability to remain flexible and independent at any time ensures quality, consistency and continuity.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. As a company and as individuals, we care about our society and take an active role in giving back to the community. We redistribut

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