Helping Asian Wealth Management Communities interact


Company overview:

Family Office Think Tank (FOTT) is the first professional consultancy for family offices servicing ultra-wealthy Chinese families. We help our institutional and family member clients create and improve family o    ffice services by applying our insights through primary research and industry best practices. FOTT is jointly set up by Family Office magazine (the only high-end finance and economic media) and financial experts. Beside the “Family Office” magazine, FOTT is also operating two official accounts on Wechat platform, including Huiyu Family Office Think Tank, and Family Office Business Review.

What does FOTT do?

  • Introduce best family office and wealth management services globally to ultra-wealthy Chinese families.
  • Work with global institutions to research and develop financial strategies to meet unique challenges of our member clients under different market environments.
  • Source and promote direct investment opportunities in US and internationally for our Chinese member clients.
  • Organize, host business conventions and trips in US and internationally to provide bilateral, peer-to-peer, first-hand and targeted communications between our Chinese member clients and interested parties and executives globally. 
  • Create membership-based information platform that shares insights and best practices of global family office industry. 
  • Publish annual “FOTT Family Office White Paper” by integrating our primary research, other leading industry research and service innovations of family office industry every year. 
  • Promote top-level, exclusive social network. FOTT will help member clients selectively expand their social networks in China and globally. 
  • Provide customized consulting service for member clients.