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About FinsionLife Two 2025/Fidelity of Georgetown, Inc.

FinsionLife Two 2025 (the Fund) is the second five-year closed end exchange traded instrument offered by Sigma Investment AG. The Fund invests exclusively in U.S. life settlements, is listed on the Institutional Financial Securities Market, and is traded on the Malta and Vienna stock exchanges. Both Bloomberg and Reuters report on the Fund’s earnings. NAV is calculated and reported monthly on a mark to market basis, computed by an independent actuary.

The principle investment objective of the Fund is to provide capital growth with low volatility and no correlation to other asset classes, such as equities and bonds. The Fund targets returns between 8-10% per annum.

Managed by Sigma Investment AG (Sigma), the Fund offers investors a unique opportunity to buy a diversified portfolio of U.S. life insurance policies acquired in the U.S. life settlements secondary market. Sigma is based in Vienna, and is an experienced manager in this asset class. Sigma’s expertise in evaluating life settlement policies, including the application and use of sophisticated actuarial methodologies, ensures a comprehensive risk mitigation and management program.

Fidelity of Georgetown, Inc. (Fidelity of Georgetown), provides the policies to the Fund. Fidelity of Georgetown is a leader in the U.S. life settlement asset class. Its principals have over 40 years of combined experience in life settlements, making them among the most experienced leaders in the industry.

Fidelity of Georgetown’s long-standing industry relationships, its emphasis on a conservatively-based risk mitigation approach to policy selection, as well as its broad understanding of the asset class, form the bases for a life settlement vehicle with an emphasis on capital appreciation. Fidelity of Georgetown’s multiple sourcing channels provide the Fund with a sufficient supply of life insurance policies to evaluate, and its rigorous due diligence procedures reduce the potential risks associated with this asset class.

FinsionLife Two 2025 brings experienced, successful industry professionals together to offer the Asian investor an opportunity to participate in this unique non-correlated alternative asset class.

Offices in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States

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