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Founded in 2002, EquitiesFirst is a global investor specializing in long-term asset-backed financing. EquitiesFirst’s approach overcomes traditional limitations and redefines the financing experience through providing efficient access to capital for listed companies, entrepreneurs and investors against publicly traded securities. Total value of loans transacted stands at US$3 billion as of 20 January 2022.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, EquitiesFirst maintains an international footprint of twelve offices in eight countries. EquitiesFirst is appropriately licensed and/or registered in all jurisdictions.

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EquitiesFirst’s Singapore MD on the Firm’s Rather Unique and Flexible Stock Financing for Private Clients How easy is it to obtain a 60% to 70% LTV loan against single listed stocks or a portfolio of public market equities? And at a fixed rate for a fixed term of up to 3 years? And all with no personal guarantee involved and no restrictions on...