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At Butler Snow, we believe in teamwork and we want to deliver that valuable approach to our clients across the spectrum of legal services. We regularly work together, blending talents from our different offices or, when needed, from other firms to provide the best representation to the client. We know that we succeed only if our clients succeed. Our goal at every turn is not just to meet client expectations but to exceed them in every way – through excellent legal representation, outstanding service, and commitment to client interests.

We regularly work hand-in-hand with other law firms using a virtual team environment, and we leverage our technology resources to work together collaboratively within our firm and with our clients and colleagues at other firms. We also understand the importance of using our resources strategically to provide the best service to our clients at the most cost-effective rates. From our offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and in the US, Butler Snow’s International Wealth Planning team delivers sound tax and estate planning advice for individual clients who reside outside of the US but who have US business interests, US family members or US investments. We work closely with local counsel in our clients’ home countries to provide solutions that meet our clients’ economic goals while minimizing their global income tax and estate/inheritance tax exposure.

Our International Wealth Planning team handles a wide variety of matters for US connected families, including:

  • Non-US Trust Planning
  • Structuring Investments in US Property
  • Pre-US Immigration Planning
  • Integrated US/UK Tax and Estate Planning
  • Pre-UK Immigration/Tax Planning for US persons
  • Renunciation of US Citizenship/Green Cards
  • Voluntary Disclosures

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