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Adviscent is a fintech startup that specializes in innovative information management solutions for advisory processes. Adviscent partners with chief investment officers and research departments that create and distribute research and investment advice to clients, prospects and client advisors. As an acknowledged advisory enabler, Adviscent helps transform the advisory business of reputable banks and large financial institutions.

Adviscent has developed a savvy content hub called Interactive Advisor to provide user-led content solutions for wealth management clients.

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Digital & Technology

Adviscent’s CEO on why Smart Content is a Major Point of Differentiation in the Increasingly Commoditised Wealth Industry Adviscent pitches its expertise as a smart content hub for research analysts, investment writers, sales managers and other content owners at wealth managers and private banks and is part of the revolution taking place in how the wealth indu...

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How can you improve client communication, engageme... The wealth industry has shifted significantly in recent years towards a client-centric model that sidesteps ‘product pushing’ in favour of carefully curated concepts, information and products delivered by the advisory community in a far more nuanced fashion. The delivery of this information and thes...

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Mar 31, 2022   

How can you improve client communication, engagement and experience? View the content created from this discussion Watch the On Demand version of this discussion In today’s intensely competitive world of wealth management, private banks and independent wealth managers of all types are seeking differentiation, and one way is to make sure their bankers, RMs...