Waterdrop Releases User Family Insurance Report

Waterdrop Inc. has recently released the User Family Security Report. According to the survey of the users of Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace, the report shows that users' insurance purchase behaviours are highly associated with families.

Users aged below 30 prefer to purchase insurance for parents

The Report shows that insurance purchasers aged below 30 pay more attention to their parent's insurance, 49% of whom choose to purchase insurance for parent first.

Mr. Hui Teng, the chief actuary of Waterdrop, commented, "Most of the users aged below 30 were born in the 1990s and are only children. Many families have one child and four parents to support. They urgently need to plan pension and insurance services for themselves and their parents as early as possible."

Users aged 31-40 prefer to purchase insurance for children

According to the Report, among users of all ages, those aged 31-40 saw the highest proportion, or 17%, when it comes to insurance purchases for children. Most of these users are the backbone of their families. Some of them just become parents, and some have had multiple children, paying more attention to children's insurance.

But this doesn't mean they ignore the insurance for themselves. The survey also shows, that 47% of the users aged 30-40 choose to purchase insurance for themselves first, 23% for parents, 17% for children, and 13% for spouses.

Users aged above 40 prefer to purchase insurance for "themselves or spouses" first. On a specific term, 61% of them choose to purchase insurance for themselves, 16% for spouses,14% for parents, and 9% for children.

According to the Report, the biggest number of users who purchase their first commercial insurance for themselves or family members are those aged 25-34, who represent over 31% of the total.

In the mind of users, the top 3 essential insurance coverage for families is "Medical insurance, Critical illness insurance, and Casualty insurance". Medical insurance and critical illness insurance are the most basic insurance policies. Casualty insurance is also among the most popular entry-level insurance types.

The report also shows that more than 81% of users have three or more family insurance policies.