Transamerica Life Bermuda unveils universal life alpha pro and universal life alpha pro century

The new enhanced versions of its award-winning Universal Life Alpha Private Series product now provide HNW customers with the maximum security and protection they desire along with cash growth potential and flexibility to meet their lifestyle needs

Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd. (TLB) has announced the launch of its new universal life insurance plans, Universal Life Alpha Pro (ULA Pro) and Universal Life Alpha Pro Century (ULA Pro Century).

ULA Pro and ULA Pro Century will be available immediately through Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda from 30 April 2021.

Based on TLB’s award-winning Universal Life Alpha Private Series product, ULA Pro and ULA Pro Century are refreshed for today’s market environment, offering a suite of improvements to meet broader customer needs. The new enhanced plans provide a unique combination of permanent life insurance coverage, cash value growth potential, and inherent design flexibilities that HNW individuals’ desire. In addition, ULA Pro Century features an added “no lapse guarantee” benefit that offers HNW customers certainty that their coverage will last to age 100.

Key features and benefits of ULA Pro and ULA Pro Century include:

  • Lifetime insurance protection – Death benefit designed to last a lifetime, providing for secure family protection, legacy planning, and estate liquidity goals.
  • Cash value growth potential – Steady stream of interest at rates TLB declares,which will never be lower than 1.50% per annum. Starting from policy year 26, the account value will be credited with an additional interest based on the loyalty bonus crediting interest rate of 1.00% per annum until the insured’s age 100.
  • Flexibility – Customers may choose to pay by single premium or planned premiums over a duration of choice with an option to contribute additional unscheduled premiums at any time, giving customers the ability to plan around their lifestyle needs.
  • Access to policy value – Customers may make withdrawals on the policy’s netcash value subject to surrender charges and other limitations at any time after the cooling-off period. From policy year 11 onwards, withdrawals up to 5% of the account value per policy year is allowed without incurring a surrender charge.
  • Insured exchange option – The insured life can be changed during the life of the policy, subject to underwriting approval and other conditions, providing seamless transition and transfer of wealth as needed.
  • Business protection – Key protection for a variety of business needs such as key person protection, business loan coverage, and business continuity coverage, amongst others.

Key feature applicable only to ULA Pro Century:

  • No-lapse guarantee benefit – Keeps the policy in-force until the no-lapse guarantee period expires (up to insured age 100), even if the cash value of the policy is insufficient to cover all the fees and charges due for the policy, provided that certain conditions are satisfied.


“The volatile market environment today is driving HNW customers’ desire for increased certainty and security. ULA Pro and ULA Pro Century are our direct response to the changing needs and demands of our customers and reflects their desire for solutions that can safeguard their wealth while still giving them the flexibility to tailor it to their different stages of life,” said Chirag Rathod, CEO of TLB. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to develop innovative, tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of HNW customers, providing them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their legacy is protected for generations to come,” he added.