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Singapore independent firm launches private access platform

Crossinvest has expanded its proposition to offer its clients a single access point for strategic investment opportunities in private assets that the firm believes will define next-generational investments.

Pre-IPO companies have been difficult for individual investors and family offices to access unless they invest in private equity funds offered through banks. 

Crossinvest’s service is available to any client of the firm, including its partners across the Asian wealth industry.

Said chief executive officer Rohit Bhuta: “Our Private Access portfolios will follow the same timeless principles of investing and allocation methodologies that private banks and wealth managers have been applying for decades. We believe that the principles of asset allocation, diversification (across geographies, sectors, assets and growth stages) and risk management methodologies must apply to the private unlisted space just the same way as we would apply these methodologies to any investment portfolio. But the reality of today’s financial markets is that investors are missing out on entire sectors of the global economy because they are not able to directly invest in pre-IPO companies.”

The firm has partnered with Australia’s Revolver Capital to bring this proposition to Asia. 

The service is currently focusing on investments in data management services, ‘the infrastructure of the digital economy’, including cybersecurity technologies.