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Regent Wealth Management Group acquired by Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors, a US-registered firm which offers investment advisory and financial planning services, has acquired Regent Wealth Management Group, a wealth advisory firm based in the USA.

The acquisition brings Mercer’s total number of offices up to 43 and has increased the company’s assets under management to over USD 16.5 million, according to a report by Wealth Advisor.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mercer Advisors, Dave Welling, has said that “Alan (founder of Regent) and his staff are great additions to the team. Alan has built out a deep bench of seasoned professionals and the mix of talent in Woodbridge strengthens our Team with other nearby Mercer Advisor offices in Hartford and Fairfield."

Alan Weiss, who founded Regent Wealth Management Group in 1987, added that "Regent was founded and built around holistically servicing our clients' financial needs at the highest level… Thus, it was important to me we found a partner that put clients' interests first like we do. When I spoke with David Barton, Vice Chairman for Mercer Advisors, I knew we found the right partner. As the former CEO of Mercer Advisors, David Barton understood first-hand the challenges facing RIAs today and he convinced me that Mercer Advisors was the right partner for me, our clients, and our staff.  We couldn't be more excited to join the Mercer Advisors team."

David Barton added that “Alan is a man of high integrity and is the living embodiment of the highest ideals and standards our industry was built on. He doesn't make a single decision without first asking the question, 'Is this good for our clients?'.  For Alan, the right partner for Regent was not the one that would pay the highest price. His criteria or profile for the right partner was someone who of course would pay a fair price for his business, but most importantly be a great fit, and add value to, his clients and staff to whom he is deeply loyal and committed to.”

Barton continued: “We share a common mission, vision and values, providing a solid bedrock for our transaction and go-forward partnership. As a CFP and CPA, Alan is also a highly credentialed and top professional in our industry. He is a nationally syndicated columnist and loves mentoring young advisors. He and his staff are a great fit for Mercer Advisors, and we are a good home for them."