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Q9 launches Private Wealth Experience for Digital Assets

Q9 Capital has announced that it has launched a full-service digital asset platform for private wealth which addresses the long-standing lack of digital asset services for mass affluent and high-net-worth (HNW) investors, family offices, wealth managers, and corporates.

The company enables clients to buy, sell, store, and earn recurring income on cryptocurrencies within a single platform, the firm said in a press release.

Q9 has seen strong client uptake based on its combined offering of dedicated relationship management, a digitally native platform, and an integrated product set – all while securely delivering a seamless user experience and the close personal connection that private wealth clients expect.

Delivering the private wealth experience

To date there has been a large gap in the private wealth management market for digital asset services and solutions.

James Quinn, Managing Director, Q9 Capital, said: “Private wealth clients value their relationships, but digital assets have to date largely been a ‘do it yourself’ asset class dominated by retail-style exchanges. Q9 is one of the first platforms to offer dedicated relationship management combined with a digital-first trading platform.”

Q9 anticipates strong growth in demand for private wealth solutions for digital asset investing in the coming years. This is based on a combination of growing demand for digital asset investment services from private wealth investors and the fact that neither current platforms nor incumbent wealth managers are structured to meet their needs in this area.

Product set designed to meet private wealth needs

Q9 is filling this gap by offering a broad and fully integrated product set specifically designed for private wealth investors.

Clients are able to trade all major cryptocurrencies, seamlessly store the assets, and earn a recurring income on them via:

  • ‘OTC Trading’ provides deep liquidity and efficient pricing via a 24/7 electronic trading solution. Clients can opt to buy/sell large cap and stable coins via the online platform, trading desk, or directly with their relationship manager.
  • ‘Earn’ allows clients to receive up to 7% APY on cryptocurrencies such as USD stable coins, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Earn converts idle assets into interest producing ones and provides an alternative to investors hunting for yield in a low interest rate world.
  • Custody Gateway is a first-of-its-kind digital asset solution that allows investors to choose how and where their assets are stored. Custody Gateway helps mitigate risks associated with changes in policy or personal circumstances by providing the flexibility to store assets globally and change locations instantly.

Under Custody Gateway, clients can choose from an array of technological solutions and geographic jurisdictions including the USA, Hong Kong/Singapore, and a distributed offering across the USA, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Highest standards for safety and security

Q9 has developed the necessary processes, policies, and structure to make investing in digital assets secure and simple for its private wealth clients. In order to segregate and safekeep client assets, they are held in trust via a licensed entity.

Q9 is backed by the Henyep Group,, a diversified global financial conglomerate with more than 40 years of operational history.

“Launching these products is a major milestone and the next step in the rapid growth of the Q9 platform. We are committed to developing one of the largest and most advanced product sets in the market. We see huge potential for delivering tailored digital asset investment solutions for the private wealth segment,” said Quinn.