Premia Partners announces introduction of global first MSCI Vietnam ETF and first low-cost US Treasury Floating Rate ETF designed for Asia

Premia Partners, a leading Hong Kong based investment firm and Top 8 ETF issuer in Hong Kong, has announced the launch of two market access ETFs designed as efficient building blocks to access opportunities in Vietnam and US Treasuries in a press release.

It revealed the introduction of Premia MSCI Vietnam ETF; an exchange-traded fund which aims capture the leading large and mid-cap Vietnam-based companies which make up 85% of market capitalisation in Vietnam.

The ETF tracks the MSCI Vietnam Index, and with a total-expense-ratio of 0.75% per annuum, Premia’s offering is the lowest cost way for HK investors to access Vietnam stock market. This is particularly appealing as the Vietnamese stock market offers the fastest growth in Asia and benefits from global supply chain repositioning, and trade agreements with Canada, Japan and the EU.

Premia’s second introduction, the Premia US Treasury Floating Rate ETF, tracks the Bloomberg Barclays US Treasury Floating Rate Bond Index. This represents performance of US Treasuries with less than 1-week duration.

The ETF has a total-expense-ratio of 0.15% per annuum and USD2,500 lot size, and is specifically designed for investors to generate USD yield efficiently, whilst also making the Premia US Treasury Floating Rate ETF the lowest cost and lowest risk Fixed Income ETF in Asia (excluding Japan).

Rebecca Chua, the Managing Partner of Premia Partners, stated that the ETFs will assist “investors (by providing) efficient market access and liquidity management tools as they position for opportunities amid market uncertainties, global supply chain reconfiguration, and new trade pacts including CPTPP and FTA with Vietnam.”

She continued: “these ETFs are built with international institutional standards in mind, incorporating features that specifically solve pain points expressed by clients.” This puts the new ETFs in line with Premia Partners existing China A, Emerging ASEAN and Asia Innovative Technology ETFs, and showcases the secure structures behind the new introductions.

The introductions reflect Premia Partner’s proclaimed goals of providing efficient investment tools and shows the firm’s engagement with the enormous scope for innovation it sees in the Asian ETF industry.

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