IQEQ announces new Group General Counsel

Ad de Beer has been revealed to be joining IQ-EQ, a leading global investor services group, as its Group General Counsel, as well as becoming a member of the group’s the Group’s executive leadership team.

Prior to joining IQEQ, de Beer was based in Zurich as the Legal and Compliance Lead for Athos group, a swiss trust and corporate services provider for private clients and family businesses. Beyond this role, de Beer has held senior positions with Vistra and MeesPierson, a private bank based in the Netherlands.

De Beer bring over three decades of experience to his new role with IQEQ, having led international intra-group, legal and expert teams. He has acted as company secretary for board, executive and risk committees, deal handling, due diligence and expert consultancy in mergers, acquisitions and integrations, and, in addition, has managed cross-jurisdictional internal legal and corporate secretarial functions.

Of his new role, de Beer commented that “I am proud to join IQEQ and look forward to working with the team to further develop our growing global business. IQEQ perfectly combines the old with the new – an impressive business heritage and reputation with a fresh and dynamic new brand and commercial ethos. The future potential for this business is great and I am keen to play my part in delivering its success.”

Mark Pesco, the Group Chief Executive Officer for IQEQ, added that “As one of the world’s leading investor services groups globally there has never been a better time to join this business. We have set ourselves a number of key development goals for the future and having somebody on board with Ad’s extensive international experience can only be a good thing for the Group as a whole.”

Pesco added that “I am delighted that he has decided to join us, and I look forward to working with him and benefitting from his wealth of experience as we take the next steps on our IQEQ journey.”

The IQEQ Group, which was rebranded in March 2019 from SSG Group, and comprises of SSG, First Names Group, Augentius, Iyer Practice and Viacert. Pesco was appointed as Group Chief Executive Officer following nearly a decade with First Names Group.

Of the rebranding, Pesco commented that “We believe in personal relationships developed over time. As a brand IQEQ perfectly embodies this thinking and reflects who we are and what we bring to the sector. It also represents another hugely successful step on our journey and is something we’re all incredibly excited about.”

Serge Krancenblum, the Group Executive Chairman of IQEQ, added to Pesco’s comments, stating that “Our new name unifies our brands under a unique and vibrant new identity. IQEQ stands out from the crowd and promises our clients and partners the right balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence working perfectly together.”

Krancenblum, the Group Executive Chairman of IQEQ, also recently commented on the impact of Brexit on global investments, stating that many investors are holding their UK assets, retaining a positive view on the UK in the long term; he added that many overseas HNIs have been attracted to UK assets on the back of the weak GBP, according to a report by Campden FB.

Alongside Pesco’s appointment, IQEQ recently announced Steve Sokić as the group’s Head of Private Wealth, based out of Jersey; he also sits on the firm’s Group Management Board and Business Executive Committee. He joined the group from Sanne, and brought over 35 years of experience to his role.