Franklin Templeton launches new Legg Mason ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund for Singapore Investors

Franklin Templeton has launched the new Legg Mason ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund in Singapore.

ClearBridge Investments is a specialist investment manager of Franklin Templeton. This fund is led by an experienced infrastructure investment team, Nick Langley, Shane Hurst, Charles Hamieh and Daniel Chu based in Australia.

The Legg Mason ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund is an income-oriented, global infrastructure strategy designed for investors seeking a high level of income alongside capital growth. The fund's investment objective is to provide investors with long-term inflation-linked capital growth over an economic cycle, focusing on delivering a competitive income target of 5%+ per annum over rolling five-year periods.

Shane Hurst, Portfolio Manager of Legg Mason ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund, says: “Infrastructure can act as a diversifier in a portfolio, given its lower correlation to asset classes such as equities and bonds. A key characteristic of infrastructure is that the assets tend to be long duration, where asset lives are typically measured in decades. As an asset class, it tends to be less volatile due to the stability of the regulatory frameworks and the long-term contractual nature of assets. Our infrastructure portfolio spans across different infrastructure sectors, regions, and regulatory environments, providing greater cash flow stability and dividends across investment cycles. This diversification benefit for investors increases in times of market stress and can provide protection exactly when needed the most.”


Clement Lee, Head of Retail for Singapore at Franklin Templeton, comments: “We are pleased to offer the Legg Mason ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund to all retail investors in Singapore. This is a liquid open-ended fund focusing on infrastructure as an asset class, typically made available only in the private space. We have seen increasing interest from clients who are looking for investment strategies that can provide a long-term, stable stream of income in a low-yield environment. This fund is an ideal and differentiated solution that enhances diversification of an investor’s portfolio.”


The fund will invest in a range of listed infrastructure securities across a number of infrastructure sub-sectors such as gas, electricity and water utilities, renewables, toll roads, airports, ports, rail and communications, spread across geographic regions in both the developed and emerging markets.

The specialist infrastructure investment team is one of the largest in the peer group and comes from a diverse range of backgrounds including merger & acquisitions, unlisted infrastructure, debt financing, equity financing, sell side, buy side, government and regulation. ClearBridge is a global investment manager with over five decades of experience in active management.