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EGOC announcement in future acquisition of PB International

EGOC has announced that it will be acquiring the PB International Enterprise Limited.

As a connector, the Group, through this acquisition, is expected to assist EGOC in accelerate its establishment as a global strategic centre in the Asia-Pacific region. EGOC, based on the world's freest commercial and trade port, will combine with international and deeply subdivided business services, and allows to empower the Group's domestic industrial chain to upgrade, in order to expect and realize its superposition and reorganization of the advantageous resources of multiple cash cow industries.

The innovative business solutions by PB International will be able to deeply complementary with future development of EGOC, it also will deeply cultivate with future advantageous chain, anticipates in return more excellent products and services to customers worldwide, and also layout a solid foundation of future international development for EGOC, the firm said in a press release.

The acquisition anticipates to allow EGOC to focus on advantageous industries and to achieve a good match between potential scale expansion and synergistic growth, while EGOC could actively prepare itself for upcoming transition. Through future injection of high-quality assets, it is expected costs can be reduced due to integration in industrial chain with scientific and with more efficient operation. Through such efforts, attention and rating recognition will be anticipated to brought to investors in the global capital market.

As an innovative technology-based enterprise, EGOC is planning to deeply involved in the field of modern health industry by owning a mature operation system. In the future, through developing its own technology and independent high, sophisticated and cutting-edge products and instruments, EGOC expects to provide its users a leading health management services and realize integration of society throughout the world. Combine the industry and integrate the three levels of the individual. In the meantime, efforts will be made from both the demand side and the supply side to form a strong synergy to maintain and promote health, and intends to help implement the national strategy of 2030 "Healthy China". EGOC will comprehensively deploy modern new agriculture, build modern agriculture in the black boar industry chain covering R&D, production and sales, and gradually form a new pattern of modern agricultural science and technology enterprises integrating scientific research, industry, sales, and derivatives. Also in near future, business segments such as R&D services, ecological breeding, live broadcast bases of agricultural products, community fresh food stores, community deli shops, and theme restaurants are expected to be formed to create a modern highland of agricultural innovation, talent and industrial. Smart e-commerce will help EGOC build a platform for domestic flat-combination + industry diversification development, smart e-commerce platform of EGOC TaoTaoLing will commit in building an all-rounded service ecology to facilitate everyday life of consumers. Through prospective collaboration with major platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and Pinduoduo, our customers will be able to pay a cheaper price, which can directly reduce their cost of living and thereby improve quality of life for our consumers. By way of combining online and offline with an innovative platform operation model, it will help the growth of real enterprises and incubate many good Chinese brands, which also will revitalize the real economy and promote common prosperity.

Future development of four major sectors main business which consists e-commerce shopping guide, self-operated mall, intra-city business district, and knowledge payment. In the future, there will be more involvements in research and development, production and business development in high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence and Metaverse. Besides striving to continue in providing high-quality differentiated service products to all user groups, EGOC is anticipated to build a three-dimensional industrial system with advanced technology combined with new business models of new agriculture, big health, and smart e-commerce.