Cube Wealth completes successful year in India and now set to launch global operations

Cube Wealth will be expanding to additional cities across India to provide Wealth Coaches this year. With the upcoming global launch, NRIs will soon have the same access as their Indian cousins to the best Indian investing options.

Cube’s mission is to make its customers richer without needing to worry about the confusing world of investing. The service will be adding new hand-picked options for creating wealth for all busy professionals. 

In the last year, Cube clients have invested in 5 regions across the world via 17 hand-picked investment options, offered in the app. Adding to Mumbai, the company has opened offices in 3 new cities in India (Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad) since the start of 2019 and the team has doubled in size in the last 3 months alone. 

Cube’s Founder, Satyen Kothari (previously, founder, Citrus Pay) says, “We believe every hard-working professional has the right to aim for total financial freedom. And yet, these honest folks often get terrible investing advice, are sold poor investment products, or simply lack the time or knowledge to invest well for themselves. With Cube, we have handled literally everything. We have brought the best money advisors in India - maybe even the world - into our service. For example, our mutual fund advisor WealthFirst, has a track record of beating the average mutual fund by 50% for the last 19 years. We have simplified the experience to the point where you can be extremely lazy in managing your finances. In fact, we encourage laziness - don’t mess with your portfolio too often! Our tech service and human Wealth Coaches work together to help you at each step. What to do, how to think long-term, and even when to sell!”

Commenting on Cube’s philosophy around adding integrity and accessibility in the messy world of money, Kothari says, “Our team has hand-selected every option in Cube to ensure quality and performance. We put our personal money in before we offer it to our customers and have negotiated deals to provide access to the best possible investment managers that, until now, only the ultra-rich had access to. The starting investment amount can be as low as 15000 rupees or as high as a few crores, making it accessible to all - professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, doctors and homemakers alike, because everyone deserves integrity and quality in the messy world of investing.”