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Crest View International Announces Plans for a Dedicated Research Office

Crest View International, a Hong Kong-based wealth management company, has announced its plans to add an additional office located in Hong Kong to facilitate its research and analysis division.

Crest View International was originally established in 2013, and the company has since been providing clients with a range of assets from equities, fixed income, commodities to foreign exchange.

The new research office will be dedicated primarily for its in-house reporting and analysis, and the new branch has been estimated to open in early 2021. Crest View International has been focused on its latest initiative to centralise all of its research and analysis operations; moving to a dedicated office space, the company aims to provide more comprehensive and innovative information channels to its traders, according to a press release.

Cheng Kun, CEO, Crest View International, said “Currently, we have many investment opportunities within the Asian financial markets. It currently holds some of the largest and most prestigious companies around the world. With a new dedicated research office, it will have the capability to employ an additional 40 members of staff, who will be committed to harnessing the latest opportunities within the Asian financial markets.”

James Turner, Director of Sales & Trading, Crest View International, said “Desirable long-term fundamentals, economic growth and increasing consumer wealth are generating new investment opportunities in Asia that are too big for investors to overlook.”

Many investors to date have faced significant hindrances when it comes to investing within Asia, according to Crest View International, others often settling for smaller investments within Asian-based funds. Crest View International has outlined that, with more emphasis on analysis and more transparent reporting, it can guide these investors.

Crest View International is striving to provide its clients with a host of comprehensive financial reports with both technical and fundamental analysis. Its planned Hong Kong facility will provide its investors worldwide the crucial elements needed to make confident investments within Asia.

Crest View International describes itself as a private wealth management company headquartered in Hong Kong, stating to have over USD8.74 billion AUM.