Cornerstone Capital launches Access Impact Fund

Cornerstone Capital has announced the launch of its Cornerstone Capital Access Impact Fund, designed for investors who are seeking both competitive returns and positive impact from their investments.

According to a press release, the Access Impact Fund (CCIIX) is a liquid, low-minimum solution. The all-cap, global thematic fund allocates its assets among multiple investment managers whose investment strategies emphasise certain themes or employ various ESG criteria.

Jennifer Leonard, Portfolio Co-Manager of CCIIX, Executive Director, Asset Manager Due Diligence, Cornerstone Capital Group, said “The Access Impact Fund is a unique product that seeks to offer investors an avenue for competitive performance. It gives investors exposure to companies that embrace strong ESG practices and that are moving the needle on key issues we face as a society.”

To achieve its investment objective, the fund allocates assets across six critical and interconnected themes that initially include health, wellness and education; climate and clean energy; innovation and economic opportunity; reduced inequalities and social justice; data-driven solutions; and the circular economy. The team selected these themes because together they work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations in 2015.

Erika Karp, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group and Portfolio Co-Manager of CCIIX, said “We were driven to launch this fund by the urgency of the challenges we face ahead and the vast human, environmental, and financial costs of inaction. We are very excited to be launching this fund, which we consider unique in the market in terms of its structure, quality and creative blend of diversification and thematic focus.”