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CLPS Incorporation Announces Latest Business Expansion and Presence in Asia Pacific Region

CLPS Incorporation has provided an update on the latest implementation of its global expansion strategy.

Its expansion pipeline includes the establishment of a subsidiary in the Philippines, boosting the business in Southeast Asia, and pursuing overseas merger and acquisition, the firm said in a press release.

For the six months ended December 31, 2020, CLPS reported that its revenue generated outside of Mainland China increased by 53.9% to USD6.6 million compared to the prior year period. This only shows the Company's aggressive efforts in advancing its business presence in the overseas market with focus on Asia Pacific, particularly in the Southeast Asia region.

The FinTech industry in Southeast Asia, such as in Singapore, has been rapidly growing. Most banks are heavily invested in digital transformation, including the migration of traditional services to mobile platform.

Srustijeet Mishra, Head of Southeast Asia, CLPS, said: “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and economic slowdown in Asia, CLPS SEA's business has continued to be operational. We have been working alongside with our clients in the banking and fintech industries for the IT system implementation and business process optimisation. The service coverage includes customised development, testing and support of IT systems in core banking, wealth management, credit card, online lending, and online payment. We also implemented projects for the development and testing of mobile and web application, in addition to IT consulting services.”

The Company's strategic business locations have provided a solid foundation to lay out its competitive advantage in the IT services industry. “Our strong and unified teams of IT professionals located in China and in India enable us to deliver high quality and industry standard IT services. I believe that this setup is a clear advantage that differentiates CLPS from other IT services players with only local operations in Southeast Asia,” Mishra added.

Henry Li, Chief Operating Officer, CLPS, said: “The effectiveness of our global expansion strategy has further pushed us to pursue the overseas market. In fact, we recently started to provide Internet of Things (IoT) services for the development of a vehicle's intelligent monitoring system in Japan. On top of that, we also continue to expand our global network through mergers and acquisitions in China, Southeast Asia, and in the US Our M&A efforts are focused on financially sound companies with business model similar or complementary to CLPS, which we expect to contribute in our business growth going forward.”